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We've had a re-brand! FRONT Belgium becomes Bridgers.

20 may 2018

Today, we proudly present Bridgers - a Bridger being ‘one who bridges a gap and guides / supports towards a taloired solution’.

We believe that the way to achieve success is by embracing change.

Thanks to Bridgers’ down-to-earth mentality we can provide concrete and practical solutions. We specialise in change management, business intelligence, project management, process management, payments, functional analysis, data analysis, regulatory affairs and technology.

Our mission is to help clients accomplish our clients' goals, and to cherish and attract talented people and contribute to their career development. We help our clients find efficient solutions to face the challenges they encounter by working in a cooperative way and communicating openly. Our expertise allows us to go beyond advice and implement solutions that work on a long-term basis.

Our strength is our no-nonsense approach. We are honest about what we can deliver, take on an assignment and make the desired changes happen.

Bridgers' attention is directed primarily towards its Belgian clients. As a local player, we will focus on remaining a trusted supplier of expertise and skilled people that clients like to work with and that talents love to be part of.

Currently 50 people strong, Bridgers has set itself an objective of continued growth in its home market.

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