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Thank you for your positivity, flexibility & resilience.

20 may 2020
Dear network,

The global outbreak of the Coronavirus has impacted every aspect of life.

Today, we are confronted to one of the biggest change processes of all time.

Life is picking up. Slowly we are working our way to a new tomorrow. For some organizations this will be easier than others.

We are writing this message to express our support and gratitude to all of you.

We want to thank our partners & employees for their positivity, flexibility & resilience.

For the time being we are still working from home, following our values of being openhearted, committed experts and helping to bring business into line with the new digital reality while embracing change.

As much as we all have been adjusting & adapting, we also have kept on striving for continuity. We want to reinforce our message that we are still here for you, running at full speed to serve our clients and talents as you are used to.

Warm regards,


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