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How we continuously improve on the go!

19 jan 2021

Continuous improvement is a crucial skill in today’s permanently changing and fast-paced world. We believe you’re a better adviser to other people’s change journeys if you’re on a change journey yourself.

To us, embracing change means being able to learn and "unlearn" on the go.

We guide our people to continuously build the skills of today and tomorrow, to become better problem solvers and make their own choices. At the same time, we want to empower them to coach others to do so too.

Career ownership is supported at multiple levels at Bridgers.

First of all, our values drive every step we take. Being an #open-hearted, #committed #expert means we are always eager to learn and to constantly develop our skills. Every Bridger has a sparring partner: ‘a buddy’ as we call them. Someone who they can have easy-going & more serious chats with about their career directions & skill enhancement. Our people are advised to set out their mid-term and long-term Personal Development Plan. This is an action list of ways to enhance their intrinsic powers. It’s up to our consultants to set the pace and address their buddy and HR when they feel the need to. To share our knowledge and build a strong community of experts, we work with Competence Centers (CC). More specifically, we have 3 work groups each of which focuses on a different topic: CC Change Management, CC Data & CC IT. Our CC members gather on a regular basis to exchange ideas, learn, teach & get inspired.

In all of this ownership is very important us. Our consultants are at the helm of their career and learning trajectory, while the internal team is there as a support.

This approach is also reflected in our latest partnership with To connect all the dots & to scientifically ground our learning approach, our people now have the opportunity to assess themselves and discover who they are, what their intrinsic talents, strengths, drivers, expected team roles, work values, digital skills compared to their career path are and what their ideal personal learning path is, based on the information above. In a nutshell, it will enable our people to have the most complete insights to grow & boost their career

Besides following external trainings, we are currently working on an internal Bridgers Academy. This allows us to personalize our trainings, to make sure our values live throughout the company and to further develop our Bridgers services & way of working. The UQ Pocket coach allows us to create a learning community which our consultants can access at any time and use to learn on the go via bite-sized learning modules. Not only will they be using the app, they will also actively contribute to developing microlearning content themselves. We strongly believe that this enforces their career ownership, community feeling, coaching & overall consulting skills.

Stimulating peer-to-peer exchanges and fostering digital connectedness have become all the more essential now that we learn to live with a new reality in which we largely work and socialize remotely.

Ready to build your career with us? We are looking forward to meeting new open-hearted committed experts!

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